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Emigration Statistics of Pakistan

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Graph showing the number of emigrants over the years 1971 to 2018 (January):

Export of Manpower Analysis

Export of Manpower Analysis Complete Report 2016  Download
Section 1: Summary  Download
Section 2: Introduction  Download
Section 3: Trends of Export of Manpower  Download
Section 4: Reasons of Decline of Manpower During 2016  Download
Section 5: Impact of Low Oil Prices on GCC Countries and Measures to cope with the Situation  Download
Section 6: Overseas Employment Promoters (OEPs)  Download
Section 7: Death and Disability Claims by Emigrants and Remittances during FY 2015-16  Download
Section 8: Achievements, Future Plans and Suggestions  Download
Mid Year Export of Manpower Analysis (Jan to June, 2017)  Download

Statistics of the Overseas Employment Promoter (OEP) Licences:


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