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Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment

Government of Pakistan

Pensioners Cell

In compliance of order of honourable Wafaqi Mohtasib, Pensioners Cell has been constituted for early resolution of the issues / cases of pensions of employees of Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employement. The offices/officals of the cell are as under:

S. No. Name Designation/Pay Scale Directorate
1 Mr. Shayq Islam Assistant Director (BS-17) Directorate of Finance
2 Mr. Nadeem Ahmed Accountant (BS-16) Directorate of Finance
3 Mr. Sajid Mehmood Data Entry Operator (BS-12) Establishment Section

Focal Person of Pensioners Cell

Name Mr. Waseem Barakullah
Designation/Pay Scale Deputy Director (BS-18)
Department Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment
Emigration Tower, Plot No. 10, G-8/1 Mauve Area, Islamabad.
Telephone / Mobile 051-9107260 / 0333-4704008
Fax No. 051-9107270
Email Address [email protected]

Pending Pension Cases

S. No. Name of Employee Status Remarks Latest Position
1 Mr. Muhammad Hashim,
Sr. Private Secretary (BS-19)
The officer was retired from Government Service on 05-07-2018. Under process Pension case is pending due to non availability of Notification & LPC

List of employees retiring during the fiscal year 2017-2018

S. No. Name Designation Retirement Date Place of Posting
1 Mr.  Khial Baz Khan Assistant (BS-16) 05-08-2018 P.E Peshawar
2 Mr. Mir Muhammad Boghio UDC (BS-11) 11.09.2018 P.E Karachi
3 Mr. Riaz Ahmed Admin Officer (BS-16) 01-10-2018 Bureau (HQs)
4 Mr. Abdul Fateh Memon Assistant (BS-16) 02-10-2018 P.E Karachi
5 Mr. Shoaib Ul Haq Assistant (BS-16) 06.01.2019 P.E, Lahore
6 Ch. Muhammad Boota UDC (BS-11) 01.03.2019 P.E, Lahore
7 Syed Muddassar Ali Shah Director (BS-19) 02.03.2019 P.E Peshawar
8 Mr. Shahzad Ali Deputy Director (BS-18) 24.03.2019 P.E Karachi
9 Mr. Ahmed Khan Assistant Private Secretary (BS-16) 11.04.2019 P.E, Rawalpindi
10 Mir Ghulam Hussain Talpur Director (BS-19) 30.04.2019 P.E, Rawalpindi
11 Mr. Umar Hakeem Driver (BS-07) 10.05.2019 CWA, Manchester
12 Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed Daftry (BS-02) 25.06.2019 P.E, Rawalpindi