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Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment

Government of Pakistan

How to get OEP license

The following diagram shows the overall process flow getting new OEP licence (click the diagram to see the enlarged version)

Downlod Guidelines and Forms For Preparation of Documents Required For Grant of Fresh "OEPL" Overseas Employment Promoter Licence

Following documents are required to get a new OEP licence:

  1. Application Form-2
  2. Bank Challan of Rs.50,000/- as application fee for sole proprietor and 1,00,000/- as application fee for public or private company (Original)
  3. Sole Proprietor Partnership deed or Article and Memorandum of Association
  4. Copy of NIC
  5. Good Conduct Certificate
  6. Income Tax Certificate
  7. Bio-Data of Applicant(s)
  8. Bio-Data of Applicant’s Father/Husband
  9. Specimen Signature of Applicant/Managing Director
  10. Name of two persons who know the applicant(s)
  11. Five Photographs (Passport size) of applicant(s)
  12. Bank Certificate
  13. Bank Account transaction statement or Property Deed
  14. Undertaking on Stamp Paper valued Rs.50/-
  15. Performance of OEP under whom the applicant worked (if any)