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Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment

Government of Pakistan

List of Overseas Employment Promoters (OEPs)

Showing 151 - 192 licences of the total 192 licences.

Licence No. Proprietor Name Licence Title Status Expiry Date OEP Head Office Branch Office(s)
3939 / SKT
38 Permissions Available
Mahmood ul Hassan Moon World Manpower Valid 31/12/2021 SHOP NO # 5 OLD G.T S BUS STAND NEAR RESCUE 1122,G.T ROAD, Gujranwala, Punjab
0554443110-4213621 , 03201300000 ,
3948 / SKT
10 Permissions Available
Faisal Fazal Karim Van Guard Overseas Employment Promoters Valid 31/12/2022 2nd Floor, Abdulah Trade Center, Court Road, Sialkot, Punjab, Sialkot, Punjab
4010 / SKT
2 Permissions Available
Drakhshan Imran Elaf Associates Valid 31/12/2022 Opposite Iqbal high school near the the bank of Khyber G.T Road, Gujranwala., Gujranwala, Punjab, Sialkot, Punjab
4024 / SKT
12 Permissions Available
Ali Hussain Al Dawadmi International Valid 31/12/2023 Chowk Ali Pur Chattha G.T Road, Gujranwala,, Sialkot, Punjab
4074 / SKT Muhammad Ahmad Javaid Suqrat Manpower Services Valid 31/12/2022 office no 6 3rd floor abdullah center katchery road sialkot, Sialkot, Punjab
4090 / SKT
2 Permissions Available
Beenish Chaudhry Tushmit Enterprises Valid 31/12/2021 Center market, near Commisioner house, Gujranwala, Gujranwala, Punjab, Sialkot, Punjab
4084 / SKT Ibrar Tahir Mujadadi Enterprises Valid 31/12/2022 Near Jamia Masjid Khawaja Dil Muhammad, Opposite Income Tax Office, Kutchery Road, Sialkot,, Sialkot, Punjab
4103 / SKT Dilawar Hussain Chaudhary Aviator International Valid 31/12/2022 Office No. 1, Chaudhary Building, Head Marala Road, Gohad Pur, Sialkot, Punjab, Sialkot, Punjab
4129 / SKT Ch. Muhammad Asif Toher Toher Enterprises Valid 31/12/2021 Pindi By Pass, Near Al Waqar Dawa Khana, Gujranwala, Punjab, Sialkot, Punjab
4130 / SKT
22 Permissions Available
Jamil Ahmad S.S.T. International Overseas Employment Promoters Valid 31/12/2022 Ikhlas Pur Road, Near Government High School, Shakargarh, Narowal., Narowal, Punjab, Sialkot, Punjab
4162 / SKT Muhammad Abdullah Aroop Manpower Services Valid 31/12/2021 81, jinnah stadium, civil line gujranwla, Gujranwala,, Sialkot, Punjab
4150 / SKT
2 Permissions Available
Ajmal Shahzad MH International Valid 31/12/2021 Basement, ALLAH Gee Property Waly, Near Shamsi Chowk, Jinnah Road, Gujranwala, Punjab, Sialkot, Punjab
4149 / SKT
1 Permissions Available
Irfan Tahir HPS Enterprises Valid 31/12/2022 Shop No. 25, GDA Plaza, Civil Line, Gujranwala, Gujranwala, Punjab, Sialkot, Punjab
4151 / SKT Muhammad Ashraf Youm Visa Agency Valid 31/12/2022 Shop No. 32, Jinnah Stadium, Aroop, Gujranwala., Gujranwala, Punjab, Sialkot, Punjab
4144 / SKT Muhammad Asif AFI Enterprises Valid 31/12/2021 Kutchery Road, Near Income Tax FBR Office, SIALKOT, Sialkot, Punjab, Sialkot, Punjab
4154 / SKT
2 Permissions Available
Shahbaz Ahmed Butt Kostas Enterprises Valid 31/12/2022 G. T. Road, Ghakkhar Mandi, Tehsil Wazirabad, Gujranwala., Gujranwala, Punjab, Sialkot, Punjab
4211 / SKT Ahsan Ellahi Zissa International Expired 31/12/2020 Wazirabad Road, Near PTCL Exchange, Sambrial, Sialkot, Punjab, Sialkot, Punjab
4209 / SKT Sheraz Ramzan Climax Recruiting Agency Expired 31/12/2019 Dar Market, Shahrah e Quaid e Azam, Sugar Mill Chowk, Rahwali, Gujranwala, Punjab, Sialkot, Punjab
4252 / SKT
1 Permissions Available
Muhammad Usman SMB Overseas Employment Promoters Valid 31/12/2021 G.T Road, Near 7 Sky, Marriage Hall Sabrial, Sialkot., Sialkot, Punjab, Sialkot, Punjab
4265 / SKT
3 Permissions Available
Shahid Zulfiqar APC International Recruiting Agency Valid 31/12/2022 Qadirabad Road, Opposite Sahibzada Autos, Ali Pur Chattha, Tehsil Wazirabad District Gujranwala.,, Sialkot, Punjab
0556332526, 0556332121
4275 / SKT Habib ur Rehman Tahir Ajwad Manpower Consultants Valid 31/12/2021 : Rasikh Plaza, Bazar Kumharan, Gujranwala, Gujranwala,, Sialkot, Punjab
4113 / SKT
1 Permissions Available
Imran Sabar Al Qareena Enterprises Valid 31/12/2021 Circular Road, Muhallah Madni Masjid, Daska, Sialkot, Punjab, Sialkot, Punjab
4291 / SKT
29 Permissions Available
Muhammad Naeem Chawinda Overseas Employment Promoters Valid 31/12/2022 Near National Bank, Pasrur Road, Chawinda, Tehsil Pasrur, Sialkot., Sialkot,, Sialkot, Punjab
4364 / SKT
37 Permissions Available
Muhammad Sajid Farooq A CLASS MOON MANPOWER Valid 31/12/2023 75-D Jinnah Shopping Complex Jinnah Stadium, Gujranwala,, Sialkot, Punjab
4333 / SKT Tanzeela Shahid HSH OVERSEAS EMPLOYMENT PROMOTERS Expired 31/12/2020 : Jammu Road Village Dalowali, Post Office Same Tehsil & District Sialkot,, Sialkot, Punjab
4345 / SKT Saima Saleem WINER INTERNATIONAL Valid 31/12/2023 City Mall Plaza Kutchery Road Sialkot,, Sialkot, Punjab
0524-265199 http://www.winerintoep.com
4355 / SKT
7 Permissions Available
Badar Ul Zaman ANAND RECRUITING OVERSEAS EMPLOYMENT PROMOTERS Valid 31/12/2023 Chanab Zone Market Shop # 5, First Floor, Lohianwala, Road Sialkot Bypass Chowk, Gujranwala,, Sialkot, Punjab
4375 / SKT Muzaffar Iqbal FILZA ENTERPRISES Expired 31/12/2020 3-A Naveed Centre Kutchery Road Sialkot, Sialkot, Punjab
4380 / SKT Qaisar Nadeem Rana FORUM OVERSEAS SERVICES Valid 31/12/2021 Shop NO 2, Near Overhead Bridge, New Govt. Girls Degree College G.T. Road Wazirabad , Gujranwala, Gujranwala, Punjab
4413 / SKT
34 Permissions Available
Muhammad Sajid WBI MANPOWER Valid 31/12/2021 Timber Market Near Masjid Ahl-E-Hadees Pasrur,, Sialkot,, Sialkot, Punjab
4414 / SKT Sami Ur Rehman WHOLE WORLD ENTERPRISES Valid 31/12/2021 Shahab Pura Road, Opposite GEPCO Colony, Sialkot,, Sialkot, Punjab
4453 / SKT Khurram Haroon FI AHMAD RAZA ENTERPRISES Valid 31/12/2021 SHOP 80 JINNAH STADIUM GUJRANWALA, Gujranwala, Punjab
4464 / SKT Ishfaq Hussain Qaiser Senior Ghazi Haider Ali R/A Valid 31/12/2022 17th 2nd Floor GDA Plaza, Gujranwala, Punjab, Gujranwala, Punjab, Gujranwala, Punjab
4493 / SKT
3 Permissions Available
Muhammad Farooq R.Z. International Valid 31/12/2022 circular road, near grid station Daska, Sialkot, Sialkot, Punjab
4542 / SKT Muhammad Usman Able Enterprises Valid 31/12/2022 Abdullah Trade Center, Kutchery Road,, Sialkot, Punjab
4461 / SKT Muhammad Waseem Azam Dhillu & Sahi Manpower Agency Valid 31/12/2022 1st Floor Faizan Travels, Near TCS Office Circular Road Daska, Sialkot, Punjab, Sialkot, Punjab
4561 / SKT
5 Permissions Available
Salman Akbar Bisha Overseas Employment Promoters Valid 31/12/2022 COURT ROAD, CIVIL LINES, GUJRANWALA, Gujranwala, Punjab
0092-55-3859504 , 03216480480 ,
4539 / SKT Rehman Ali Good Well Enterprises Valid 31/12/2022 New Miana Pura Mohallah Din Pura, Sialkot, Punjab
4543 / SKT
3 Permissions Available
Nadeem Baig M/s. Al Muqeet Enterprises Valid 31/12/2022 Abdullah Trade Centre, 3rd Floor, Office No. 16, Kutchery Road, Sialkot, Sialkot, Punjab
4459 / SKT Jabbar Ahmad M/s. Alhamdulillah Enterprises Valid 31/12/2022 Office # 20, First Floor, Taseer Centre, Kutchery Road, Sialkot, Sialkot, Punjab
4483 / SKT Muhammad Nisar M/s. Al Sial Manpower Consultant Valid 31/12/2022 office#9, 1st floor, the city mall, kutchery road, sialkot, Sialkot, Punjab
4534 / SKT Arsalan Tariq Sublime International Valid 31/12/2022 Rest House Chowk Bank Road Daska, Sialkot, Punjab

Showing 151 - 192 licences of the total 192 licences.