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Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment

Government of Pakistan

List of Overseas Employment Promoters (OEPs)

Showing 251 - 300 licences of the total 307 licences.

Licence No. Proprietor Name Licence Title Status Expiry Date OEP Head Office Branch Office(s)
4009 / KAR
1 Permissions Available
Muhammad Hashim Panhwar M.H.P Panhwar Enterprises Valid 31/12/2021 New Chowk, Station Road, Opposite HBL Taluka, Dadu, Sindh
4034 / KAR
6 Permissions Available
Muhammad Umair-ul-Haq Ballaj International Valid 31/12/2021 Office # 206, 2nd Floor Mustafa Plaza, Opp.UBL Bank, Gizri, D.H.A, Karachi Central, Sindh
4055 / KAR
1 Permissions Available
Idrees Akhtar QAF Overseas Valid 31/12/2021 Office No.B-18, 2nd Floor, Descon Plaza (The Plaza), PECHS Block-6, Shahra-e-faisal, Karachi, Karachi Central, Sindh
4062 / KAR
3 Permissions Available
Yar Muhammad Y.M International Valid 31/12/2020 Office No. C-11 3rd Floor The Plaza Block 6 PECHS Near KFC Shahrah e Faisal , Karachi Central, Sindh
4064 / KAR Abdul Razzaq Khan Mak Overseas Valid 31/12/2021 Office No. A-8, First Floor, Descon Plaza, Plot No. 61-A, PECHS, Shahrah e Faisal, Karachi Central, Sindh
4065 / KAR
2 Permissions Available
Mushtaq Fareed Al Shajar International Valid 31/12/2020 Office No. G-11, 7th Floor, Descon Plaza, Block-6, PECHS Near KFC, Shahrah-E- Faisal, Karachi, Karachi Central, Sindh
4080 / KAR
2 Permissions Available
Syed Shahzaib Shah Z.B Consultants Valid 31/12/2020 Office No. 36, First Floor, Glass Tower, Clifton, Karachi South, Sindh
4085 / KAR
4 Permissions Available
Hafiz Muhammad Mohsin Meqat International Valid 31/12/2021 Shop No. M-7&8, mezzanine Floor, Jeddah Center, Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road, Saddar,, Karachi Central, Sindh
4086 / KAR Mujahid Ali Legend International Valid 31/12/2021 Shop No.4, District Council Center, Opp. Post Office, Kachehry Road,, Dadu, Sindh
4094 / KAR
3 Permissions Available
Abdul Rahman Khandaq Traders Valid 31/12/2020 C-359, Block-2, Off. Tariq Road, Near Oliya Masjid, PECHS, Karachi West, Sindh
4116 / KAR
13 Permissions Available
Muhammad Waseem Bhatti M.W.B. Overseas Valid 31/12/2021 Plot No. 324-326 Office No. 01 Mezzanine Floor, Central Commercial Area, Block - 2 Allama Iqbal Road, P.E.C.H.S., Near Liberty Signal Off Tariq Road, Karachi Central, Sindh
4139 / KAR
3 Permissions Available
Zain Aslam Z.P. Enterprises Valid 31/12/2022 Room No. 415, 4th Floor, Sunny Plaza Hasrat Mohani Road, Karachi, Karachi Central, Sindh
4171 / KAR
4 Permissions Available
Samina Muhammad Baloch Noaf Overseas Employment Valid 31/12/2022 Office No. D-15, 4th Floor, Descon Plaza, Block-6, P.E.C.H.S., Shahrah e Faisla,, Karachi East, Sindh
4182 / KAR Muhammad Ismail Channa M.I.C. Recruiting Agency Valid 31/12/2020 17, Hotel Regency, Dr. Dawood Pota Road, Near Cantt. Station, Karachi, Karachi Central, Sindh
4185 / KAR
1 Permissions Available
Rashid W and H Brothers Valid 31/12/2022 Office No.C/15/A, 3rd Floor Descon Plaza, Block-6, PECHS, Near KFC Sharah-E-Faisal, Karachi, Karachi East, Sindh
4199 / KAR
9 Permissions Available
Muhammad Iftikhar Nasir Al-Rais Sardar Brothers Valid 31/12/2022 Office M-2, Mehran Estate Dr. Dawood Pota Road, Cantt Station, Karachi, Karachi East, Sindh
4204 / KAR
1 Permissions Available
Syed Shafqat Hussain Sain Services Bureau Valid 31/12/2021 Office 1/4-D, Block-6 PECHS, Nursery, Sharah-e-Faisal, Karachi East, Sindh
4216 / KAR
1 Permissions Available
Mirza Abdul Rehman Baig Al-Mubdi Overseas Employment Promotors Valid 31/12/2021 Office No.514-A, 5th Floor, West Land Trade Center, Block 7/8, KCHS Shaheed e Millat Road, Near Baloch Colony, Flyover, Karachi, Karachi Central, Sindh
4220 / KAR Muhammad Arshad Abr-e-Rehmat Overseas Employment Promoter Valid 31/12/2022 Office No. C-2, 3rd Floor, Descon Plaza, Near KFC, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi East, Sindh
4226 / KAR
1 Permissions Available
Muhammad Suhail Siddiq Khan Weco International Valid 31/12/2021 Office No: 112, 1st Floor: Mustafa Center, Opp: Bank Al-Habib, Near Saudi Consulate, Main Gizri Road, Clifton, Karachi., Karachi East, Sindh
4228 / KAR
5 Permissions Available
Jahanzaib Baig J. Zaib Overseas Employment Valid 31/12/2022 Plot No. 87, Basement Floor, Block-30, Defence Garden Apartment, National Highway, Phase-I, Defence Housing Authority, Karachi South, Sindh
4232 / KAR
9 Permissions Available
Ghulam Mustafa Panhwar Sindheri Enterprises Valid 31/12/2022 House NO. 178, Street No. 03,Mohallah Qasim Ali Shah Colony, Suparco Road, Mouch Goth, PO Naval Colony, Karachi West, Sindh
4234 / KAR
6 Permissions Available
Touseef Umair Al-Janoon Overseas Employment Promoters Valid 31/12/2022 Office No. 444, Block 35, Defense Garden Apartment, Phase-I, DHA, Karachi., Karachi South, Sindh
4246 / KAR Rukhsana Asghar Fulcrum (Pvt) Ltd. Valid 31/12/2020 Building No. 22-C, Office M2, 5th Zamzama Commercial Lane, DHA Karachi., Karachi Central, Sindh
4247 / KAR Hasnain Qadeer QH Hasnain Qadeer Overseas Valid 31/12/2021 D-13, 4th Floor, 16-A, Descon Plaza, Block-6, PECHS, Karachi Central, Sindh
4251 / KAR
1 Permissions Available
Usama Ayub Al-Fatir International Valid 31/12/2022 Office No.A-8, 1st Floor, Descon Plaza, PECHS Block-6, Near KFC, Shahra-e-Faisal, Karachi, Karachi Central, Sindh
4255 / KAR Jaffar Hussain Soharwardi Overseas Employment Valid 31/12/2022 Office No. 21/A, Navy Heights, Near Old Kala Pul, Cantt Karachi., Karachi Central, Sindh
4278 / KAR
1 Permissions Available
Javid Khaliq JKC Enterprises Valid 31/12/2020 Shop No. 122,Anwar-e-Ibrahim Malir City Karachi, Karachi Malir, Sindh
4293 / KAR
5 Permissions Available
Muhammad Zahid Khurram Zin International Services Valid 31/12/2022 House No. 701, Makki Arcade, Taj Masjid Road, Agra Taj Colony, Karachi South, Sindh
4300 / KAR
2 Permissions Available
Sajid Mehmood U.S.K Overseas Valid 31/12/2021 Shop No.1-2, B Ittehad Town, X-10 Old Stop Near Jhangvee Chowk, Near Zenab Masjid, Baldia Town, Karachi, Karachi Central, Sindh
4301 / KAR
7 Permissions Available
Hussain Saleem Qazi Tehzeeb International Valid 31/12/2022 Office No. 14-E, Ground Floor Regency Hotel, Dr. Daud Pota Road, Cantt., Karachi Central, Sindh
4302 / KAR Sardar Muhammad Afaq Khan Mik Bolan International Group Valid 31/12/2021 House No. 26/1, Street No. 20, Khayaban e Tanzeem, DHA Phase-5, Karachi Central, Sindh
4304 / KAR Sajad Ahmed Larkana Overseas Valid 31/12/2021 M-3, mehran Residency, Dr. Dawood Pota Road, Cantt, Karachi, Karachi South, Sindh
4306 / KAR
34 Permissions Available
Muhammad Shahzad Retaj Brothers Valid 31/12/2022 Office No. F-39, 1st Floor, Glass Tower, Teen Talwar, Clifton, Karachi Central, Sindh
Pull Dat, Street No.02, Al Kareem Centre, Dera Ghazi Khan, Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab
4307 / KAR
5 Permissions Available
Muhammad Shahid Carnation Overseas Valid 31/12/2022 Office No. A-6, 1st Floor Descon Plaza (Econ Plaza0 Block-6, PECHS, Nursery Sharah-e-Faisal, Karachi., Karachi Central, Sindh
4315 / KAR
4 Permissions Available
Naseem Ali Ghanghro Ghanghro International Valid 31/12/2022 G-08, 7th Floor Descon Plaza, Block-06, PECHS, Shahrah e Faisal, East Jamshed Town, Karachi Central, Sindh
4327 / KAR Saad Ali Younis RONIKAL HUMAN RESOURCES Valid 31/12/2020 6-U, Block 6, P.E.C.H.S, Karachi, Karachi East, Sindh
4329 / KAR Irfan Ali Buksh I.A.B. GLOBAL RECRUITING AGENCY Valid 31/12/2020 Mezzanine No.03, Plot No.71-C, 11th Commercial Street, Phase-II, Ext DHA , Karachi, Karachi East, Sindh
4338 / KAR Ali Murad AMC MANPOWER Valid 31/12/2020 G-9A Salala Luxury Apartment, Cantt Station Dr. Daud Pota Road, Karachi Central, Sindh
4341 / KAR Ahsan Ullah ARJ Recruiting Bureau Valid 31/12/2020 House #17/10, Sector 11-D, New Karachi Town, Karachi Central, Sindh
4351 / KAR
1 Permissions Available
Fahad FMK INTERNATIONAL Valid 31/12/2020 Office/Shop No.G-03, Ground Floor, Nabeel Square, Near West Point Tower, KTN News office, Phase-2, DHA, Karachi, Karachi South, Sindh
4361 / KAR Qazi Abbas Amin PGT MANPOWER Valid 31/12/2020 Office No 211,2nd Floor Al-Mustafa Centre Main Gizri Road, Karachi South, Sindh
4362 / KAR Shujaat Ali INTER-FRET CONSOLIDATORS (PVT) LTD. Valid 31/12/2020 Suite No. 813-815 8th Floor, Park Avenue Shahrah-e- Faisal Karachi, Karachi East, Sindh
4383 / KAR Shafiq Ahmed Khan ICO INTERNATIONAL Valid 31/12/2020 1st Floor, Suite # 112, Mustafa Center, Near Saudi Consulate, Main Gizri Road, Saddar Town, Karachi, Karachi South, Sindh
4387 / KAR Ziauddin MEHMOODA NASEER & SONS INTERNATIONAL Valid 31/12/2020 Shop No. 7, JM 196, Jamshed Quarter, Jamshed Town,, Karachi East, Sindh
4388 / KAR
1 Permissions Available
Nouman Siddique OSAN MANPOWER SOLUTION Valid 31/12/2020 Office No. 103, Wing song Palace Building A-16, Block 7/8, K.C.H.S Near Baloch Colony, Shahr-e-Faisal, Jamshed Town, Karachi East, Sindh
4416 / KAR Asif Zaman UNILITE MANPOWER SERVICES Valid 31/12/2021 M-13, Mezzanine Floor, Windsong Palace, KCHSU, Shahra-e-Faisal, Baloch Colony, Karachi, Karachi East, Sindh
4422 / KAR Tahir Mehmood Khan WAJDAN ENTERPRISES Valid 31/12/2021 Office # B-4 2nd Floor Descon Plaza Block 6 P.E.C.H.S Shahrah-e-Faisal Karachi, Karachi East, Sindh
4426 / KAR Pervaiz Khan EVEN ENTERPRISES Valid 31/12/2021 Suite No. 207/B, 2nd Floor, Sea Breez Plaza, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi South Saddar, Karachi South, Sindh

Showing 251 - 300 licences of the total 307 licences.