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Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment

Government of Pakistan

Pensioners Cell

In compliance of order of honourable Wafaqi Mohtasib, Pensioners Cell has been constituted for early resolution of the issues / cases of pensions of employees of Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employement. The offices/officals of the cell are as under:

S. No. Name Designation/Pay Scale Directorate
1 Mr. Adil Nawaz Assistant Director (BS-17) Directorate of Finance
2 Mr. Imran Talib Accountant (BS-16) Directorate of Finance
3 Mr. Sajid Mehmood Stat. Computer (BS-07) Establishment Section

Focal Person of Pensioners Cell

Name Mr. Omer Saleem Cheema
Designation/Pay Scale Deputy Director (BS-18)
Department Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment
Emigration Tower, Plot No. 10, G-8/1 Mauve Area, Islamabad.
Telephone / Mobile 051-9107261 / 0321-4372684
Fax No. 051-9107270
Email Address [email protected]

Pending Pension Cases

S. No. Name of Employee Status Remarks Latest Position
1 Maqbool Ahmad Dogar,
Deputy Director (BS-18)
The officer died on 29-12-2015. The deceased officer’s wife was requested to furnish all the necessary details which she provided to this Bureau. Nil The pension case has been stopped due to the succession issues. The family has been informed accordingly to settle the succession issue and application for succession certificate is enclosed at Annex A.
2 Muhammad Akram, UDC (BS-09) The official retired from service on 31-1-2016.The case was delayed due to the non-fulfillment of codal formalities on the part of the official concerned. Nil The case has been submitted to A.G.P.R Karachi on 31-10-2016 but is still delayed due to the variation in Date of Birth. The Date of Birth on CNIC differs from the date of birth on Salary Slip. However, A.G.P.R Karachi has assured that the matter will be settled without further delay.
3 Mr. Shoukat Ali Chatta The official retired from service on 13-11-2016. The official was drawing his salary from P.E Lahore. Nil The pension paper has been signed by the Director General and sent to P.E Lahore on 05-12-2016. Now case has been submitted to AGPR, Sub office, Lahore on 17-12-2016.

List of employees retiring during the fiscal year 2016-2017

S. No. Name Designation Retirement Date Place of Posting
1 Mr. Muhammad Ali A.P.S 06.03.2017 P.E, Lahore
2 Mr. Muhammad Tanvir Stenotypist 03.04.2017 P.E, Rawalpindi
3 Mr. Saeed Ahmed Aasi A.P.S 04.04.2017 Bureau’s HQs
4 Mr. Muhammad Yousuf Bhatti S.P.S 19.05.2017 Bureau’s HQs