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Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment

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Protection and it's benefits

What is Protection?

Every intending emigrant is legally bound to get his foreign service agreement protected from the concerned Protectorate of Emigrants (PE) office.

Benefits of Protection

  1. Complete legal protection is provided.
  2. Entitled to full assistance from Pak-mission in the country of employment.
  3. Legal assistance can be sought from Community Welfare Attache, Pak-Embassy in the country of employment, in case the employer violates the FSA.
  4. Problems faced by family can be mitigated to an extent.

Bureau introduced a life insurance scheme in collaboration with State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan for the intending emigrants in May 1982. Each emigrant is required to deposit an amount of Rs. 2,500/- as insurance premium to cover life risk for a sum of Rs. 1,000,000/-. Insurance coverage is valid for 5 years.
Government has provided re-insurance facility since July 2001 for all those workers who wish to get the insurance policy renewed. This scheme has also been extended to those Pakistanis who proceeded abroad without registration with Protector of Emigrants but have now been allowed registration with respective Embassies.

After payment of welfare fund, he becomes the member of Overseas Pakistanis Foundation. Under the membership, he is entitled to the following benefits:

  1. Educational facilities for his children.
  2. School/college admission facilities are provided.
  3. Staff posted at Overseas Pakistanis Foundation’s counters at International Airports helps in providing legal and other necessary guidance and information.
  4. Migrant worker is entitled the benefits of facilities from of residential accommodation schems arranged by Overseas Pakistanis Foundation.
  5. Investment can be made in the industrial sector, through Overseas Pakistanis Foundation.
  6. Overseas Pakistanis Foundation also gives financial help in case of accident/mishap.